wow....70% off mulberry, juicy, theory, saks

  1. i just ordered a mulberry bayswater on the Saks private event presale, and my SA called me back to tell me that it had already been marked down 30%, and was going to be down ANOTHER 40% on the 8th. that means i just got a mulberry bayswater for about $350. holy crap!:wlae:

    if you want to see what else she has left, i was working with diane at the naples, FL store - she is fabulous! 239/592.5900 - she's used to working with the tPF girls, and is really happy to help us all out :smile:
  2. So it is an additional 40% already reduced items?

  3. I called and asked if they had any in the stores. Success! They were able to find the bag and it's coming my way.

    Thanks for posting the link. Have been looking at Mulberrys for some time.
  4. yep! now just trying to decide whether i have to save for my MJ hudson, or whether i can have them both! lol....
  5. Thank you so much shoppingsmycard. Just got a whiskey bayswater, that I have been eyeing for a while!
  6. you're so welcome!
  7. Does anyone know if the hudson is on sale and how much it is?
  8. wow, what a great steal! Do they have any other brands on sale or it's just for Mulberry, juicy and theroy? And is evertying 30% off now and will have 40% additional off next wednesday so we can call to hold and buy on 8th?
  9. Wow! Does any one know what juicys are on sale? Is it just certain bags, all bags, or shoes/clothing as well?
  10. is any thing like gucci or chanel or coach on sale?
  11. is the sale for anyone? So if I stop by Saks on the 8th the sale will be going on?? thanks ladies
  12. I want a hudson. what are the odds that they'll be included in the 70% sale?
  13. hudsons are not on the sale. lots of MJs, though - check the Saks private event thread for more info. the mulberry, theory & juicy were already marked down 40% & will be down ANOTHER 30% on the private night....everything else is just the regular 30% discount on the private sale night.
  14. I just called Saks in NYC and they won't honor the presale unless I have a Saks account. I really don't want to open another credit card. Has anyone done a pre-sale without having a saks account?

    Shoppingscard - How did you manage to get the bayswater for $350, the sa I spoke with said it would be $417...
  15. lol - i have no idea! my SA rang it up & then called me back to tell me it was an extra % off. i haven't the foggiest how it worked out, but i'm very glad it did! :angel: