WOW! 4 Flat Brass Firsts to choose from!

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  1. Wow alota tressure :drool: Thank you for posting Rock :love:
  2. LOVE the third one!! I also really like the 1st one from Seahorse!:yes:
  3. Oh my god!! I am totally hyperventilating! I REALLY want the last one. I'm gonna bid on it. please! please! please let me get it!
  4. Beautiful! love the black pebbled!:yes:
  5. oh my gosh.. this is going to be interesting... Avery.. i like that one too, but i just got one, so i wont be bidding!!!... it looks lovely!! is it just me, or is the brass studs on that black nonpebbled bag extra shiny, like maybe the brass was cleaned? or maybe it was just not used very much.. either way, its really lovely.. good luck to everyone!!!
  6. Drool....LOVE the last bag...
  7. OMG, the Black Pebbled First (third) one sold for $2,661.00! Someone really wanted that bag!:yes: It's soooo pretty!:love:
  8. ^^
    WOW! What a selling price. I mean I believe it could go for that.. but at the same time.. wow! that price blows me away!
  9. ^^ me tooooooooo jadecee!!! :wlae:
  10. It was Powder who won this beauty!:nuts:
  11. ^^ wow, that's $5K on bags in 2 days :nuts:
  12. Wow powder! CONGRATS! Those are two really fabulous bags though!

    I'll have to live vicariously through you tho - I think my boyfriend and family may throw out my laptop and then tie me down to the bed if I were to ever plunk down that kind of change for a bbag.. albeit two bbags. :biggrin:

  13. I feel the same way, Jadecee! It is a real beauty though!:shame:

    Congrats, Powder! This bag is beautiful!!:love: Enjoy!:yes:
  14. nice but too $$ 4 me