WOW! 1st trip into store!

  1. I am a huge LV fan and today I strayed in the chanel store in our galleria mall! I was in awe. I saw the most gorgeous chanel bag. Maybe you all can help me figure out the name of it. It looked almost plum/blackberry color. It felt like a soft vinyl or leather, flap style bag about 14-15 inches long and a chain strap. Just beautiful. I am adding it to my list!:wlae:
  2. does it have a big "CC" on the front of the flap? if it is, it's the 'Rock' flap released for Prefall 2007. It's made of completely vinyl and is a single flap. perhaps the one you saw was a burgundy color?
  3. You must shop @ Houston Galleria?
    Our Dallas Galleria doesn't have a Chanel boutique :sad:

    Was it super shiny? If so, absolutann is probably right.
    If not, it was probably a Classic Flap in purple {or whatever color they call it :p}
  4. sounds like the rock.
  5. Yes, i think it is The Rock.
  6. Oooh! You're lucky!!!! I'm going to a Chanel boutique for the first time in August....Can't wait!!!
  7. Sounds crazy but when I walked in I just took a deep inhale in. The leather smelled so fabulous! :yes:
  8. :tender: no, not at all crazy!