Wow!!! 14,000 Posts just crept up on me..........

  1. Just want to say thanks to all you guys for the friendship on here! I have had a lot of good times for those 14,000 & value everyones opinions & support so much!
    From frivilous handbag chat to more serious matters, (a huge thanks to all who contributed to the thread about my friend's husband being ill :flowers: & to the dear friend who offered to try to get me a sold out bag recently, she knows who she is. :flowers: I don't want to start naming names there are wayyyy too many people who have been so nice to me here & I don't want to leave anyone out!) it is so good to have here to come & chat!:party:
  2. Congrats Roz!!! 14,000 posts!!! Amazing!!!
  3. Congrats Roz!! Truly a milestone!
  4. Congrats to you BagAngel!!! What a milestone!!! I hope you celebrated!!!
  5. WHOO HOOO!! Sure are the yakky one, eh? LOL! I know I'm responsible for a lot of those posts! HA!

    You always have the most wonderful things to say Roz, and I'm honored to be your friend. Hugs!
  6. Congrats BagAngel!!!
    I got about 12,754 more to go!!!
  7. Thanks guys, honoured to be your friend too Speedy & all the wonderful friends that I have made here :flowers:
  8. i cant wait to reach such a high number. Its incredible how many people really make REAL friendships here and it just makes the forum so much more special to me, and gives me hope i will find a couple friends on here too.
  9. O MY GOD!!!!!!!! 14,000 Posts!!!! congrats!
  10. wow, well done!
  11. wooohoo, Heres to another 14,000 posts!:drinkup:
  12. Wooo! Congrats!

    Whats your secret;)

  13. wow Roz 14000 that is a whole lot of posts!

    I'm slowly creeping up behind you
  14. BagAngel, I just love your posts. You are always so thoughtful and considerate.
  15. woohoo, congrats!! :biggrin: