WOW: '05 MAGENTA Office/Work - BIN $1399

  1. YUM!!!! HOT!!!! Thanks for posting first!!!!
  2. Wow...makes me miss mine :sad: . Does it look like there are some dark spots on the front of the bag or is it just the lighting?
  3. wow. if only this was a i would definitely be a happy camper.
  4. Oooh, it's gone now! Congratulations to the lucky winner, it's a beauty!
  5. yippy, i think the winner's a PFer, i'm just not sure who, congrats :yahoo:
  6. Pretty bag, congrats to the winner!!
  7. Congrats to whomever got that!!!!!!!!!!
  8. oh my god! my dream bag...

    shoot.....*sigh*.. just as well, i'm on a shopping ban anyway..
  9. Thanks guys - that was me! (esiders - you are not allowed to comment! ;) )

    I have been waiting for a mint condition Magenta City or larger, and this is the closest to mint I have seen in a long time. I guess I am a little worried about the spots mentioned ... but I am hoping that is just the natural variations in the leather and doesn't look that bad.
  10. congrats FIAT!! it looks pretty.. =)
  11. Congratulations, Fiat! It's so gorgeous and the seller is wonderful and very honest! I hope you enjoy it!
  12. CONGRATS fiat..... :flowers: - you lucky girl, you'll get a real beauty - enjoy it :yahoo: :love:
  13. :yahoo: Congrats Fiat!!!!:yahoo:
  14. wooooooooooo-whoooooooooo, congrats fiatflux, she's a beauty :wlae: