WOW: '04 LILAC weekender :-)

  1. Lol @ the seller's ID. :P

    Thanks for posting FirstClass!! I love the leather on this bag... :drool:
  2. Beautiful Bag and Color!!!!
  3. what a gorgeous bag!
  4. A beauty for sure !
  5. wow :heart:
  6. why does the metal tag look a little off? it's not straight on the leather...
  7. Why it is not a first or a city??
  8. wow that city is gorgeous!!!:drool:
  9. OMG!!! gorgeous!!!
    but she hand no feedback which kinda worry me :P
  10. For me too:crybaby: i always wanted this bag and now that i found it, can't have it.:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  11. I'd like to share something with all of you about this listing, and you can gather from it what you want.

    I believe (not 100% sure, but about 90% sure) that this lister now has two eBay IDs. That's not necessarily fatal, and I don't know what reason there is for this, but it just struck me as odd. Here's the background:

    I listed a coach bag a few days ago, and got an inquiry on it from an ebayer in Canada. She'd looked up my feedback and found that I'd bought many Bbags and we struck up a friendly email conversation. She offered to sell me a new condition 04 lilac weekender, and some others. I didn't bite because (you all know) I've bought enough bbags!!! She sent me a few follow up emails and pictures, including the one of H. Duff in the listing. I've since deleted most of her emails, but still have a couple pictures of the lilac she emailed me, and it's on the same carpet and same layout/lighting as the pics in the listing. Also, the lister here is from Canada, as was the lady I was emailing.

    All this is to say that I think this is the same lady who was emailing me about her bag. She seemed very nice. I can't say a single thing negative about her. But I wonder why she would set up a new eBay ID to sell this bag when she already had another one with plenty of positive feedback.
  12. hmmm...well hasn't there been a ton of photo theft on ebay lately with b-bags? possibly this seller with 0 feedback is a new account that used the other canadian gal's pictures?

    ebay is sooo rife with fakes. i think i reported 5 last nite. it's sad because sometimes people bid high amounts on them. :s
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