Wow: '03 Black W/silver Classique !!!

  1. no pics...
  2. why in the world is this on eBay without photos? and why is it in german when the seller is in the US? i'm confused...
  3. The seller is probably listing in german eBay as well? BTW, there are quite a few instances when listings pop up without pics, but the photos are added later on.:yes:
  4. The seller is in the US and it's 'bertie...' which is known here :yes: ... but I am in Europe and 'my Ebay' is in German, that's why my link I've posted here is in German language :shame: Sorry for the confusion :p
  5. Ah;) Thanks for clearing that up firstC:yes:
  6. thanks for the info! please don't get me wrong - i wasn't doubting the authenticity of the listing. it's a tPF'er seller, and i'm rooting for her. it's just my impatience speaking. can you blame me for wanting to see pics of the lovely bag? i'm in a bidding mood, too :shame:

    seeing ebay navigation in another language is so groovy :jammin:
  7. the seller probably wanted to list things with the 20 cent special and will add pics later. that is just my guess./