WOW 02black hobo w/flat brass hardware

  1. :drool: indeed! *slaps fingers*
  2. :drool: :drool:
    good luck, LP!!!
  3. OMG, OMG, this is my one & only balenciaga dream bag & now she's mine :party:
  4. Congratulations, Aaaaa! I have this bag and love it more and more each time I wear it :yahoo:
  5. awe, thanks so much slinks, i'm excited beyond belief (pinching self!!!) :wlae::heart::wlae::heart:
  6. Congrats aalabama, that bag is amazing. That's also one of my dream bags but I probably wouldn't pay that much so it may remain a dream. And congrats Louisey, I'm surprised you would sell this!
  7. Congrats aaa....what a great buy! Amazing!
  8. As I read in another thread of this wonderful forum, happiness has no price :yahoo:
    I've definitely paid more for bags than I wanted to, but in the end the happiness I feel each time I carry the bag outweighs the guilt
  9. Congrats, Bama!!!!!!
  10. welp, the thing about this bag is that it's such a rare classic :smile:...and ever since i 1st laid eyes on it, it's been my one & only balenciaga dream bag :love:...i never thought in a million years that i'd get a chance to own one...and i know i'd only trust buying one from another when i saw this post about it this morning, i knew it was my once in a lifetime chance :yahoo:
  11. congratultions! it's so sweet to see how happy you are.
  12. OMG, OMG, OMG.....This is my dream bag as well and to get it from LP is another dream. I was in a meeting the whole day and missed this one. But I am happy for you Aaaa....congratulations.
  13. This is a totally cool bag. That's all there is to say about it!!
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