Woven wallets

  1. I am thinking of buying a BV wallet, preferably one in a darker color like Ebano, and somewhat larger, such as the continental one with the zip coin pocket.


    I also like the zip-around wallet.

    Just wondered if people had opinions on these wallets as compared to other designer brands in terms of organization and durability. Pictures would be AWESOME.

    I use a LV koala wallet that I love, but for some reason I don't own a darker colored leather wallet.
  2. I just bought a zip around in dark brown. I love that I can just grab it and go and it looks like an acceptable clutch. It is extrememly soft and lux.

    However, I was using an LV monogram Groom PTI and the BV is nowhere near as durable. That monogram is indestructible!
  3. I know people have posted pics of their wallets. Try a search and hopefully some posts or threads will come up and you can compare.

    I have a continental size tri-fold that snaps shut (not with a tab, it's a concealed snap). It's black woven leather with zip coin purse inside along with cc slots and a divided bill section. I never see mine in the stores or online so pics wouldn't be helpful--it must be a discontinued style.
  4. jane - do a search for threads that I started with "wallet" in them in the BV forum. I got a TON of feedback before I purchased my BV wallets!
  5. Thanks! I went to Bluefly and found this wallet which looks like what is on the BV site but I am unsure...



    I wish they would show the zipper pocket... where is it? ugh
  6. well well well...such enablers we are! What did you buy 6 days ago??

  7. It's all your fault! ;)
  8. The zipper pocket is behind the right hand side in that first pic--you can see the tassle on the pull.
  9. Heh... I just got this black Coach tote off eBay but now I don't like it as much as I thought I would and I am probably going to sell it because, thanks to YOU, doubtfulguest, I love that Campana! Your excellent taste has taken me over to the dark side!

    I scored that wallet from Bluefly... used a promo code for an extra 20% off, plus no sales tax (!), so I got a $490 wallet for $321, not bad, especially given the rumored price increase coming up. And now I finally have a dark colored all-purpose beautiful leather wallet!
  10. (and for those who are wondering, yes, doubtfulguest and I are friends in real life :biggrin: )
  11. The price increase is really making me nervous. Do I buy now or not?!?!

    I've been looking at some of the Coach Ergo stuff, but I really think I'm done with them. It's the end of an era.

    2000+ posts! I had no idea...
  12. Yeah since Sept of 2005!

    You should go for it. The price increase sounds crazy. I wil probably take the plunge too since after we move it will be bye-bye expensive bags for me! I am already selling ALL of my Kate Spade stuff. And I am only keeping one Coach bag, the legacy satchel...
  13. jane, the main difference between the first wallet (in Noce – hazelnut) and the second wallet (in Nero – black) is that the first is the large size and the second the medium. Both are known as the intrecciato continental wallet. The medium has 5 credit card slots on both sides, wheres the large has one row of 8 card slots and 2 vertical pockets on the opposite side.

    The continantal woven wallets also comes in the zip-around version which is even bigger than the large and is able to fit in a passport.
  14. The good news: my wallet shipped!

    The bad news: Bluefly uses DHL as their carrier -- the worst shipping company in America! Oh well.
  15. ^^Congrats on your wallet! I purchased the same one from bluefly and I love it soooo much.. (I also got 2 zip around wallets in black and violet).

    The continental wallet is so slim and ladylike though - and such a great deal too! :heart: