?Woven Napa Leather Tote or Woven Leather Lock Satchel?

  1. I'm new to Botega Venetta ladies and gents and would very much appreciate your opinion on this question. I have been contemplating over these two models in color NOCE (not DK BROWN as pictured) and just can not make up my mind. Both models are of the same price and size, which doesn't help :shrugs::smile:.
    Thank you in advance.
    Woven Napa Leather Tote (left)
    Woven Leather Lock Satchel (right)
    NMV026C_mn.jpg NMV00FF_mn.jpg
  2. I would go for the one on the right (the Roma) purely because of the adjustable handles (so you can wear it on your shoulder).
  3. Nice choices to have! In addition to the differences Syma mentioned, keep in mind the bag on the left has one large main compartment and *I believe* is nappa so it may be a bit softer/floopier when broken in. The Roma on the right has 3 compartments and is nappa umbria so it has a bit more structure. So you should consider whether you prefer compartments or not... Personally I would choose the Roma because I prefer nappa umbria in Noce and the handles feel more luxe & comfortable :yes:

    Let us know what you choose!
  4. Roma gets my vote too. I've often thought about buying one (when the money tree grows)--I like the shape, handles, the fact that the leather is NU. If I were going to get a tote like the one on the left,I'd hold out for a Cabat. To me they are similar.
  5. I have a roma so my vote would be the roma bag. I like how I am a bit more organised with the three compartments than with an open tote. I also like that it is a bit more structured than most BV bags; not that I don't like me some slouch for a cool casual vibe, but sometimes life calls for a bag that can hold its shape, and this one fits the bill.
  6. Thank you ladies, for your opinions. I appreciate it and admire your knowledge not only of specs but the names of BV models. Like I said BV is my new love and I'm only getting closer :love:.
    I was expecting that Roma (I know her name now!) would get the votes. I personally was leaning towards her, too...The look is kind of more complete and more structured, too.
    As for the tote (left) I know they make beautiful pics of the bags for us to fall in love but...this one looks gorgeous...
    But the problem is that they are out of Roma in Noce now and the only one left in Noce is tote on the left. I'm going to try finding Roma in my noce color for now. Who knows, may be even I come across the Cabat :rolleyes:
    Thanks again :winkiss: