Woven leather prada-with gold hardware-looks like a Bottega woven!!!

  1. What is the name of this bag., it is GOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!, I saw it on a lady in white, it is rectangular with braided handles, had the triangle prada logo and a luggage like tag in the front.....reminded me of Bottega woven leather..............anyone seen it and know the prie and the name.......TIA :heart:H

  2. That's it, thanks a lot!!!-My Saks did not have it, will try online......!!!!!!
  3. hiya,
    Its called intreccato madras (woven goat skin) available at Holts if you are in Canada and on sale!
  4. What is the price in Canada?-Would love to know!!!
  5. please post these questions..in the future...in the NAME THAT PRADA BAG thread