Woven Leather Editorial Zoe

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  1. I called the 1-800 number. They said that this is bag the woven leather editorial Zoe. It is item number 12739, measures 14x16.5x4.5. It only comes in the acorn color and will retail for $798.00. What do you think?

    Sorry I had to copy the picture from someone else's post. I couldn't find it anywhere else.


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  2. That is gorgeous! :drool:
  3. That price is a little better than what we first thought! I still think it's very pretty.
  4. I love the detailing on the front. Its such a beautiful bag. My new favorite is definitely the Zoe.
  5. I love it! especially that color
  6. I absolutely adore this bag. I love the leather, love the color, love the texture :drool: I think it's just beautiful.
  7. :drool:

    OMG I love that!
  8. I THINK I like it. Maybe the $800 price tag is influencing me not to. LOL
  9. A side pic. I also wish it wasn't so expensive.

  10. Not feeling it so far- it looks kind of "busy". I think this is one you either love or hate, and I know I'd have to see it in person to make a final decision.
  11. I love the bag, but not the price tag! If I want to continue to be able to have multiple bags, then I'm staying away from the really pricy ones! Unless its a bag I would consider "TDF", and this is not the one for me....
  12. I am really liking this photo-I hope I feel the same way if I see it IRL!
  13. i think the detailing is sorta neat. but yeah, that price tag is a little steep.
  14. hahaha my thoughts exactly! :sweatdrop: