woven JPG

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  1. evry now and then i search for the best of what hermes has done over the years i found a picture from harpers bazzar that shows a jpg birkin with what seems to be a woven leather front panel and i loved it still i had never seen it does anyone know more about this beautiful leather finish ??????
  2. OMG this sounds amazing!!! I would love to see a picture.
  3. ill pos it on an album since i just cant post on the forum LOL tech-challenged i have an album called caroline i will post it there
  4. done i have posted them on the album called caroline if any of you wish to see the picture i like the effect so much and truly had never seen it not even on the runway show
  5. Birkel, I can't quite tell if this is the same weave as in the Bazaar photo, but I saw this and some other bags with the same weaving (can't remember which styles, sorry) in the window at FSH in October 2013. (Not much help, I guess, but still a nice picture.)

  6. Great bag! Haven't seen this before. Love everything about it. Thanks for posting this Birkel!

    Could this be one of the group of woven bags made in India? Thinking of the Ahmedabad shoppers.

    This is a better quality construction but the woven panels may have come from the same or a similar source.

    Sadly not all runway designs go into production. Discoverd this with JPG's first collection and his magnificent leather kilts, although popular there were never produced.
  7. Thank you for posting the picture! It is a truly beautiful bag!!
  8. darling i have the shopper love it truly very discrete and for a fair price back then i got a really enjoyable bag especially since i love the woven effect but that jpg and window bags are amazing !!!!!!
  9. darling louiseypeasey thankyou for this picture im thinking its close to what we can see on the JPG its pretty much amazing i very much hope H explores this more !!!!!
  10. [​IMG]