Woven Hobo in pink - great spring bag!

  1. What do you think of the woven hobo in this color? I think I NEED it for spring/summer.:graucho:

  2. Oh i agree, i think I NEED it too, though, i am also loving the Julie...:heart::love::heart:
  3. BV's pinks for Spring/Summer 07 are all SO pretty and yummy! :tender:
  4. The magnolia color is such a pretty pink. I love it but I look awful in pink clothing or anything pink, so I will be admiring from afar. It's one of their best colors ever.
  5. This soft pink would work well for spring. It's TDF. I think you need to have it too, Kat! Send us picks of you modeling it if you buy it:yes:
  6. Wow, that is gorgeous!!!
  7. That's a lot of pink. Looks cute, though.
  8. Damn ... I NEED something in Magnolia ... I hope it doesn't get dirty easily though ... It is soooo pretty ... Awww ...
  9. That colour is so precious! I would be afraid of getting it dirty though!
  10. the color is TDF. i went to a boutique this past weekend while i was on a mini vacation, and the SA said that the leather is the softest in this color, for some reason. i really want something in this color! yum!
  11. I agree! That color is TDF! I love it and yet keep thinking I'd get it dirty in 5-10 seconds if I actually used it. It's still so beautiful though!
  12. That pink is so dreamy! I love the soft look of it. So buttery!!!
  13. I think Magnolia Veneta is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. =)