Woven Hobo in pink - great spring bag!

  1. What do you think of the woven hobo in this color? I think I NEED it for spring/summer.:graucho:
  2. I'm personally not into pink bags, but I have to admit it is beautiful. My only worry would be keeping it clean as it is quite a light colour.
  3. :drool:

    That's such a PRETTY pink!! Unfortunately for me, I'm UNABLE to have any light coloured bags, cos I'll eventually dirty them. But if you can maintain light coloured bags, I say, you'll NEED this for Spring/Summer ;)
  4. I think the color is heavenly. I don't think I could pull off a pink bag but this makes me want try. I say go for it!
  5. It's a beautiful bag.
    But I have troubles keeping red bags looking nice (whites are easier than the reds/pinks in my mind - you always see the dirt on whites, colors not so much) I'd hate to try it with pink.
    But if you need it, can afford it, and don't really want anything else... Go For It!

    Aren't we such enablers?
  6. That is such a beautiful color!! I can see why it's calling your name.
  7. pretty, although pink isn't for me. haha, i agree, if you can buy it, get it.
  8. My favorite color is pink and this is an item I would love to buy and admire, but I don't think I would enjoy wearing it b/c I'm afraid to get it dirty or b/c it's a soft yet still bright pink for me to match easily to my outfits w/out looking too pink. I picked the dusty pink (well, now looking at it, it looks more like mute light lavendar than pink to me which is even better :p ) b/c it's less brighter and easy to maintain in the thick calf leather on the cocker.
  9. I like the pink color. It's a nice break from the common, neutral colored bags.
  10. Mmmm....makes me think of a strawberry ice cream cone! :drool:
  11. Oh I've been drooling over this since the new catalog came out! It is TDF!
  12. I love this bag and the color- it's such a soft, sexy pink.
  13. Yes, you need to have them for spring/summer. And i mean HAVE TO. IT is so pretty and feminine. :heart:
  14. Kat you must get it!!!! I love the color. It's not too bright and done in a very classy BV way.
  15. i love this pink. it is just the perfect pink bag IMO.