Woven Editiorial Zoe & pics for slouch comparison...

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  1. Disclaimer, I am not a model (as you can see) and I'm too lazy to get back into street clothes tonight. But I promised pics of the Woven Editorial Zoe to show the slouch. I'm also wearing my Red Ergo Patent Hobo, Black Chelsea Abbey Hobo, Grey Hamptons Vintage Hobo & Saddle Kiki. The Zoe is also hanging on a door knob.

    I used the same accessories in each bag (this is very scientific!), Hamptons Slim Wallet, Josie Clutch, Ergo Pleated Wristlet, Thompson leather change purse and Ocelot Card Case, but I didn't put anything in the pockets.

    The Editorial Zoe is a large bag but it has a soft body. So it slouches at the top and caves in when your arm lays on it. If you can obligate your finances, try it to see if it's right for you, I L:heart:ve mine, the woven details make it unique and it's probably the closest that I'll get to my HG all woven Bottega Veneta!

    Here's the link to my original thread for this bag:


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  2. Rest of the pics...

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    Thanks for the pics - I'm seriously considering this - I like the unique leather treatment on it! Ah, you have the ocelot cardcase too! I love that and have used it almost every day in my bag since I got it years ago - I so wish I'd bought a "backup one";) I'm trying to only get one new Coach this fall (went a little nuts w/ other brands) and have narrowed it down to Woven Zoe, Grey Patchwork Flap Hobo, Hamptons Vintage Hobo in Teal, Sabrina or the Braided Zoe (only if I can get on PCE or at a military base though - $1k is too much).

    Oops - forgot to say - they all look smashing on you!!!
  4. First of all, they all look great on you. Second, I love all the slouchy bags. I'm totally loving how all these bags have that great slouch to them. They look great. You have an awesome collection.
  5. This bag is sooooooooo hot. it looks great on you. you have quite a collection.
  6. The Ocelot card case is my fav:heart:rite! I have quite a few more, but it's so hard for me to stop using that one! Glad to hear you're enjoying yours as much!:tup:

    I am loving this Woven Zoe, the overall style didn't wow me until I saw this one! Hope you get it.
  7. Thanks so much for posting this! I really appreciate the extra time you took to do all of this!! All of your bags look great on you!!

    Actually it's funny because my Kikis slouch even more than yours does in the photo, so maybe the weight of what I carry will also help with the Zoe in that respect! I LOVE this bag!! In a way it does seem similar to the size and shape of the Abbey (at least in width), and everyone knows the Abbey is my FAVORITE bag!!! :heart::heart::heart: If I can handle that, surely I can handle this.

    It's GORGEOUS, and thanks so much for enabling me. ;) I think I have to have this one!!
  8. I love all your bags:drool:. And they look great one you.
  9. First, I Love your name! Thanks for the compliments, I tried to select bags with a slouch that most everyone was familar with to compare to Woven Zoe.
  10. Maybe I will like it more in person... :/
  11. enabling, It's the least I could do!

    Hope you'll be happy should you decide to buy one!:tup:
  12. are you still tempted?:tup:

  13. Thanks again! After seeing it in comparison with other bags I love and use frequently, I'm sure I will love it!! :yes:
  14. Love this bag:drool:!! Thanks for all your pics. :yes:
  15. Your bags are beautiful, and they look so, so nice on you! Thank you so much for the pictures. I also did not think the Zoe was for me, but the weave seems so pretty. I just got the Hamptons hobo, because I liked the Lindsay so much, and I was wondering how the two compared. Thanks so much; I think I am like others and am going to order this as well. I have not bought hobos before; I usually go for the satchels, but now there are two that I just cannot seem to pass up. Your pictures make it hard not to want this bag! Thanks again.