Woven Double Handle Tote - Do you like it?

  1. I've been lusting :drool: this bag for a while now, $2690 at Saks.

    Anyone own it? Like it? Can you use it as a shoulder bag?

    HELP! With all the bags at 2k+, I need to buy one that will satisfy my wants (too bad my finances can't support it :crybaby: )

    What's your take on this? TIA!!! BVWovenDoubleHandle.jpeg
  2. I'd wonder also if it can be used as a shoulder bag. It's more structured than most BV's. I like just about every BV, but the price would be an issue for me too.
  3. This bag is on Bluefly for 20% off. I've read conflicting opinions about that site--apparently they had a batch of fake bags of one brand (not BV); but others have said the bags they received from them are authentic. I've never purchased from them. But you could take a look--there are 2 different browns in this style. It's about $2100+.
  4. I like it!! And would prolly use it as a shoulder bag..

    It is rather expensive, but then I would factor it in the lifespan of this bag, which will be looooong, seeing how classic this design is, so I could justify this pricetag for a BV especially. :p
  5. GTOFan--Off topic, but how old is your Boxer? What a beautiful dog!
  6. It's a beauty. :yes: It does look like it could fit under the shoulder, but tightly. Doesn't seem like it's a swing over your shoulder if you have a coat or something bulky on-type bag, would that be a deal breaker? It's a structured, more formal type bag. Very, very pretty-love the design detail! Leshent, like nizlay said, is a reliable seller and has sold lots of Bottegas. I'd keep an eye on her stuff. I bought a Bottega bag from her myself.
  7. Hi Boxermom! Harley's (since I won't let hubby get a Harley Davidson) is 7 months now! Great dog, good temperment, and soooooooo loving!
  8. I like the natural ears. Harley is very handsome. Boxers prefer people over other dogs.
  9. I think any BV bag is a good investment. This particular one is a beauty. I don't know if it would fit over the shoulder or not. I haven't seen it IRL. It gets my vote. It will last you a lifetime.
  10. Thanks for all the input...I'm gonna have to see it in IRL and have a little "foreplay" if you know what I mean! ;)

  11. Love it- especially the gold hardware!
  12. beautiful bag - I had my eye on it this summer but never quite took the plunge.