"Woven" Alexander Mcqueen Novak

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  1. Do you guys like this? It's made out of woven leather, so it's structured like the original leather ones.
    I'm kind of iffy about it, but then I was one of those who really liked the crocheted Novak but didn't like the leather one. :shame:

  2. hmmm it's cute, but i still prefer the leather one.
  3. I prefer the leather one as well :biggrin:
  4. I don't like this one so much.
  5. It's ok. Not really my style.
  6. There's something about it that simply doesn't move me. I guess it's because I'm a purist and like the all leather Novak so much.
  7. It's okay. The leather one's better.
  8. I don't like woven leather that much so I'm biased.