"Woven" Alexander Mcqueen Novak

  1. Do you guys like this? It's made out of woven leather, so it's structured like the original leather ones.
    I'm kind of iffy about it, but then I was one of those who really liked the crocheted Novak but didn't like the leather one. :shame:

  2. hmmm it's cute, but i still prefer the leather one.
  3. I prefer the leather one as well :biggrin:
  4. I don't like this one so much.
  5. It's ok. Not really my style.
  6. There's something about it that simply doesn't move me. I guess it's because I'm a purist and like the all leather Novak so much.
  7. It's okay. The leather one's better.
  8. I don't like woven leather that much so I'm biased.
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