Wouldn't you love it if Chanel made bags with two sets of chains?

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  1. I love all my Chanel Bags., sometimes I wear silver hardware bags, sometimes gold hardware bags., wouldn't it be fantastic if Chanel made their bags with one silver and one gold interchangeable chain and the CC in a combination of silver and gold.....or at least give us an option to have a bag like this..........in each style....I am sure a lot of ladies would love it....no need to change jewelry, shoes, etc to match.....I would love it..COME ON CHANEL.....two tone hardware on bags ....for TPF...:heart:H
  2. I think it's a nice idea for people who like both. Me, I only like silver hw.
  3. Love your idea. I have another idea. How about a custom ordered Chanel? You tell them the style,color and the color HW and chain you want. I :heart: Chanels styles and colors.
    Sometimes I wish the bag had different HW. I think this idea would be great!! :nuts:
  4. That is such a cool idea! I'm not so keen on two tone h/w though.
    How about if you could swap between the classic chain and the reissue or bijoux chain of the same h/w? I think that would be quite cool!!!
  5. brilliant idea! so often i like the style of a bag but not its hardware or vice versa. would be perfect if i can have a bag custom made in my favorite style and hardware :biggrin:
  6. Yes! I would LOVE to switch out my chains and put a bijoux chain or a classic leather-woven chain into my reissue! *HELLO Chanel...* anyone listening?? ;) Okay, doubt that they'd do it, I'm sure they'd prefer you buy a completely new bag, but it's a nice thought!

  7. OMG janny, i am sooo with u, i was thinking the same thing hauhauhauahua, it will be nice if they can do this, you know what, i saw it on the valentine chain that the chain is actually removable i think.
  8. I would love to own every chanel bag I have, in every color I have, in both, silver and gold chains.....but that would be impossible for most people, definitely for me. If Chanel charged a reasonable premium and offered at least some of the bags with interchangeable chains they would be soooo popular and practical.......it would solve a lot of problems for those of us who wear both silver and gold.

    Come on Chanel......listen to us., maybe we should get together a petition to send them....:tup::yes::heart:H
  9. That would be really cool. I have a watch that has a metal band as well as a black satin band - totally changes the look. So it's kind of a similar idea.
  10. That would be a great idea except the CC would be a different color on the classic flaps. But the bijoux and classic leather interwoven chain would work!
  11. ^I was thinking the same thing, maybe the CC could be in metal the same colour as the bag or have one gold and one silver C interlocking You could have interchangable staps with that toggle and bar fastening like they have on the CC skye bags if you KWIM. Could we have a new breed of Chanel emerging??

    BTW I wish Chanel would do custom bags as well like LV, Hermes and BV, I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra if it would take the hassle out of hunting down certain bags, you could just SO them.
  12. My ideais simular to urs- I wish Chanel would make classic flap with normal chain which can be removed and changed with bijoux chain- that would be my dream:girlsigh:
  13. Aww, dear... is that one of the reasons you are lusting after this Valentine flap? ;) Don't worry, one will come your way! Until then we can dream about removable/customizable chains and hardware :lol:
  14. love the idea. i wish i had gold sometimes & i wish i could change my chain to double all the time too.
  15. i love the idea custom order the bag. wish they hear us *cross finger*