Wouldn't you Know It!!!

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  1. I went to visit with what I want and make a decision on the wallet etc, and I fall IN LOVE with something else too!!!! Now I want the Signature stripe demi in pond w/mini skinny!!!! Lord I am going to be in trouble *financially*. My DH is going to tell me I need a job soon!!!!

    BTW, I am going with the Large Soho Leather hobo in Pear w/the matching slim wallet. Thanks ladies for all of your advice!!!!
  2. Hee-hee!!! Going into the store is soooo dangerous! Glad to hear you're going with the pear hobo and matching wallet, I think that is so darn cute!
  3. I love the Pear color , I just looked at the bag today online , i am thinking I may need one of those
  4. Going into the store is VERY dangerous!! I haven't been in what seems like forever and I'm starting to feel withdrawal symptoms!! And good choice with the pear hobo and matching wallet...I've never been a green person but it's my new favorite color.
  5. Ohhh, I love the pear color! Enjoy!!!! Pond is gorgeous too!
  6. Sounds like you made an excellent choice!
  7. The pear is WAY more pretty in person. Its almost a light lime color. Its gorgeous!!
  8. Look forward to your pics. I love the pear color. Congrats!
  9. DId you say Signature STripe Demi in POND??? When? Where? I wanna see a picture!!!
  10. The pear is very pretty irl. I went into the boutique and just stood there and stared at it. Great choice by the way.
  11. I think you made a good choice. Can't wait to see pics!
  12. i love the pear and pond stripe! good taste!

    can;t wait to see the pear/pear combo
  13. do you mean the light blue stripe?

    i LOVE the pear hobo!!!!!!! great choice!
  14. sorry yes I mean the light blue.