Wouldn't it TOTALLY ROCK if ...

  1. if we lived in a perfect world and Tokidoki & LeSportsac would've done things right? What I mean is, wouldn't it be ABSOLUTE AWSOME if they would've given us the option of choosing our own print placement?

    And NO, I don't mean requesting this or that on a bag, like you can do at other places. I mean if we could personally select the print - custom design our bags right from the website. Like if they would've added a feature to the site where depending on the bag style, you could move that bag's "shape" (with proper dimensions) across the print until you find your perfect print placement, then you could just click select. You would do this for each side of the bag, and for the bottom, creating your PERFECT print placement!! :drool: Then LeSportsac could make the bag especially with the print you picked out!!

    Imagine!! You could have EVERY character you LOVE!!:yahoo:

    I know this would probably would cost more money, maybe an extra $25 for a custom-made bag vs a take-your-chances print, but I think it would've been worth it!!:yes:

    It sure would've saved us all a lot of $$$, not to mention a lot of constant obcessing over finding the PERFECT BAG!! :cursing:

    That's the end of my rant/impossible daydream for the day ...
    and YES, these are the wild & crazy thoughts that POP into my head while I obcess and stress about Tokidoki!!:wacko:
  2. Yup that would be awesome if we could choose are own print placement! No need to worry about buying online and wondering if you got a bad placement...AaAhH...if only life were that simple.

    but it's KINDA (just a little bit) fun to hunt and search for you "PERFECT BAG".
  3. hahha yeah and i also want that tokidoki mural like simone did for that girl on the tv show. so jealoussssssssssss
  4. Kind of like Build-a-Bear, pick out your style and we'll stuff it for you! :graucho: I :heart: the idea. I'm sure they'd charge us a lot more though, I'm sure it would be more than $25 more and you're right in the long run it might save us from buying so many bags in search of our favorite placements BUT like DJR said it is kinda fun to hunt bags down! :graucho:
  5. I think if they did that prices would seriously be jacked up because of the customisation factor.

    I just think it would be nice for them to allow us to pick our placement. But they prolly have a lot of number of bags and to constantly have to go through the supply would be kind of tedious and extremely annoying when someone doesn't purchase it and they spent all that time locating it.
  6. I agree, it'd be jacked up far more than $25 or so...

    LV had an exclusive gathering at their Ala Moana store some time back where they closed it off to the public and let people only with invites (and a guest) in. They had champagne and they were able to customize their own LV bags - but only from certain materials and styles. They jacked up the prices of those customized bags by double pretty much!!

    Now, I know that's super expensive LV and not cheaper LeSportsac/tokidoki, but the price would still be far more... and wouldn't be surprised if they nearly doubled the price either because they'd end up wasting a lot of fabric (unless they made smaller individual patterns instead of rolls of fabric - but that'd still probably cost them more). But the thought of it is nice!! I'd definitely LOVE having my perfect placements of every print on the bella bella and denaro!! Heaven, it would be!! :nuts:
  7. I always wonder if the people who are sewing the bags in China think about print placement... sometimes when stuff is cut off or has a rivet in the middle of it I think "if only it were 1cm to the side!" Maybe they are just working too hard to think about that kind of aesthetic stuff.
  8. I know, I always think about that! Don't they care? Don't they wanna look at their finished bag and smile? How can you smile when you've just put a rivet through little Bastardino's head? or when you've cut an iPod girl in half?

    Humphhhh, I guess they don't care. Heartless, I say!!
  9. Although I think some of them take more pride than others. Some of the bags are REALLY sloppy-choppy, but others are nice and hardly cut off anyone's head/arms/legs.;)
  10. I wish that there was like a voting system, that for example tokidoki lovers put ideas of what they want in a print, like I would KILL for a Tokidoki Medieval bag with dragons, fairies, Knights, castles, wizards, frog prince, and Princesses... Just think, instead of a Dino coming out of an egg, it could be a baby dragon! That would just rock!!! Or like a Swinging 1920's bag with Music notes and Moofia gang dressed as 20's gangsters with their machine guns. And the girls dressed with that cute clothes and hats... *sigh* I WANT IT...lol :hysteric::dftt::hs:
  11. Ahhh!! :yahoo:That sounds totally cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!
  12. The people sewing the bags probably don't even notice, they have a quota and have to sew a certain number of items a day, so their eyes are probably all glazed over from the multitudes of print placements passing through their hands daily. :wacko: I think they are most likely concentrating on sewing parts together and not on the actual fabric design. Plus all the parts were probably pre-cut from another factory, so all they have is piles of fronts, sides, etc. They probably just grab the first piece off the top of each pile.
  13. I agree that would be so perfect, but I guarantee you LeSportsac would definitely charge more than $25 extra. More like $125 extra *lol*. But, if it's a perfect world, then no surcharge, right?;)
  14. Ha Ha!! Yeah, I meant in a perfect world it would cost an extra $25ish. That's so SAD!! :biggrin: But you're right, it should be FREE!! I guess your world is more perfect than mine!! LOL!! :p
  15. I say if you're going to dream, make it perfect! Haha.:lol: