Wouldn't it be nice.....?

  1. to see the following bags in the Damier or Azur prints:

    Petit Noe
    Noe (seen in special order Damier)
    Cabas Mezzo (seen in special order Damier)
    Cabas Piano (I think this was available at one time in special order Damier)
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Deauville (seen in special order Damier)

    Why can't LV just include the above bags in Damier/Azur as part of the regular line? Just wishful thinking on my part!

    Any other bags that you would want to see in Damier or Azur?
  2. The noe is available in Azur. I would love to see the BH in Azur!
  3. What about a Damier Azur Marais? :nuts:
  4. Pls give me the Damier & Damier Azur popincort and pop haut

    S/O Damier Deauville was gorgeous! I'd make the perfect carryon :biggrin:
  5. I'd like the Carryall!

    Anyway I think they probably will release different styles (like the ones already made in the brown damier) eventually..the current ones are just a "test" to see how the Azur line goes over :yes:
  6. keepall please
  7. That I would snap up! Maybe when the pampellone is sold out, since that is open top too?
  8. would love a Petit Noe in either Damier Ebene or Azur.....:drool:
  9. Have you seen this Damier one? It's called the Uzes, I love it- it's a lot like the Batignolles Horizontal. The only thing I don't like is that it's open on the top, it doesn't have a zipper closure.
  10. The keepall is already available in azur :yes:
  11. I would love Sophie in Azur, that would the cutest summer bag ever....
  12. Guess I am the only LV fan out there who is not in LVOE with the Azur or Damier styles. I guess I am just a Monogram girl, although I do like the Epi styles. Just not a huge fan of the azure and damier styles. Why I don't really know, I am odd - I know! HA! HA!
  13. ^
    I think we all have style we don't love, even like at all.

    Coulden't one just make a special order for azur items?

    If the items that already are available become popular I'm sure they'll add more.
  14. ITA! Esp. with the Noes and Cabas bags...