Wouldn't it be nice to see a reissue in pinK?Hehe..

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  1. I'm sooo into Reissues lately... I'm even afraid that I might buy all in Reissues! (*crossfingers...* I'm also into other styles!) Do you guys think or even imagine a reissue in light pink with gold or silver hardware?! That would be absolutely stunning!!! Gosh!! Update me if this one's going to be released ahead of time so that I can save up a lot of money!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Pink is my favorite color. I have pondered too why not a pink reissue with gold chain. But I doubt Chanel releases it because of stock up on pink not moving?
  3. I'd love to see more reissues in almost any color, but pink would be very pretty too!!!!
  4. I just hope that they will release something like this next summer...
  5. Sounds lovely!
  6. ahh i would die to have a pink reissue! i am obsessed with reissues at the moment!
  7. I have seen one before.. It's rose pink I remembered!! Anyone can confirm if Chanel already released a Reissue in Pink? I saw it over Milan Station (second handshop) here in Hong Kong before. I bet in Brand New condition since it's in the glass window. LOL. The price is too high for a size in 225 though!