Wouldnt it be nice if Chanel made a cleaning product

  1. Does anyone know if Chanel makes any kind of leather cleaner ?
    I know Coach has there own cleaner for their bags and a girlfriend suggested I use that on my chanel bags, but I dont know.. Chanel vs coach- diff leather quality.
    I have all kinds of chanel boots, shoes and sandals, and purses, would be nice if they hand some to specifically to clean, the caviar, lamsbkin, goat, calf, suede and all the other leathers they carry.
    I never clean my bags, but I need to start now.:yes:
  2. I second that.
  3. What do you ladies use to clean your chanel bags, applegaurd? Something else?
  4. Uhh! The center of the white CCs on my blk/wht cambon wallet are dirty from rubbing against black cloth. I WISH Chanel had a cleaning product. I don't know what to use on it!
  5. Use apple conditioner - I used to own a black cambon with white CC's bowling bag and had the same problem. The apple conditioner helped a little bit.
  6. Thanks so much!!! Do I have to order it or can it be found in any stores?
  7. Yes, I wish Chanel made their own product too. But in the meantime, I agree with smoothoprter about the Apple leather care lotion (the conditioning lotion, NOT the Apple cleaner and NOT the Apple Guarde water-proofing spray).

    I am someone who is usually afraid to use ANYTHING on my bags. But I have used the Apple lotion recently on several of them that were beginning to look a little faded or slightly dirty (including my YSL Muse, Mulberry Roxanne, and Chanel 2.55). It really perked them up. It provided a light gentle cleaning and made them look more supple and moisturized. Good luck.
  8. I ordered mine from leatherstuff.com. Some PFers told me they bought their's from Burlington Coat Factory, but I don't have one of those stores near me...
  9. I have been using the APple conditioner on my cambon and my classics. FUrthermore they not only protect but the leather strap that rubs on my bag even comes off right away. My bags are both in light and dark colors, so here's a Chanel fan to another!
  10. thanks
    I gotta get some of that apple conditioner asap !!!
    I am going to burlington today !!!
  11. My SA talked me out of getting that wallet for that very reason . He said it has become a real issue w/ those wallets .

    I cleaned my tote w/ some Ettienne Angier ( sp? ) leather cleaner I found at home and it took off some makeup on the corner of my bag that Applestuff couldn't get off . I used it on a Lambskin jacket I have that had toothpaste on the sleeve somehow ? Worked great . I don't know where
    I got it /