wouldn't it be great if....

  1. we can get a cake that's the shape of a Bbag??? :woohoo:

    I was looking at pictures of cakes...and came across this one...


    YES, that is a cake. if i can get a bbag cake for my birthday...it'll ALMOST be as great as if I got a bbag. Although i think the cake might as cost just as much if not more than a real bag haha. :p

    here's another one...

    [​IMG] :yucky: hehe jk jk
  2. I bet they'd do it if you asked them!! Look at how they made the first cake; a bal would be no problem!!
  3. The first one is pretty but the second one is kinda DIY cake and I could make a better cake. (I have a baking hobby)
    A bal cake would rock!
  4. you should make a bal cake, couture girl!! hehe
  5. Oh my gosh! I really love that gucci cake! so cute!! But I wouldn't be able to cut into it and eat it- too pretty!

    I'd love to see a bal cake- that'd be so neat! But again, prolly wouldn't want to eat it! :p
  6. that LV cake is adorable... :p
  7. I Know it can be done!!!!! Find a baker, get one made & post tons of pics! We'll all want a bite of your cake! :smile:

    What an adorable idea!
  8. I was gonna get the Tiffany cake made, but a B-bag would be better!

    They could use miniature reeses peanut butter cups to make GGH!!!!! :p
  9. That first one is really impressive - so lifelike! It would be even better as a Bal...
  10. woa, that gucci cake takes the whole bakery :tup: the bamboo handle, the brand new leather patina, right down to the stitching :tup:
  11. Wow, that is so cute. When I first loaded the page and glanced briefly at the first pic I assumed that was a real bag, too! LOL!
  12. so cute:drool:
  13. Too cute to eat!
  14. i want one!
  15. So cute!