Wouldn't it be cool...

  1. I think it would be really cool to have my whole collection in nothing but Perle Vernis. EVERY SINGLE PIECE PERLE... how glamorous and over the top would that be...

    Any other ideas that you would totally love to see for your whole collection? I guess everyone has their wishlists, but I've been thinking bout this for a while, then after seeing Perle Roxbury below.... well.... we can dream, right?:nuts:
  2. Very Classy- me likey the idea...
    by the way how's Louie?
  3. Him good. He's been very shy and adjusting to being a pet, but two days ago, when I was cooking in the kitchen, he came up to me and literally bumped me with his nose on my leg, saying, like hey how about some of that for me,,, then yesterday, he did the same thing bumped me on the leg with his nose, then jumped up on me with his two front legs...

    When I let all 3 out in the morning (Chow, Pug and Louis), the chow now chases Louis back into the house, cause they know they're all 3 supposed to be in there all day...

    thanks for asking... I'll post some more pics of him, when I can get him to do more stuff than just lie on the dog bed... pigs live like 20 years, so he'll come around, it's just taking some time. He's pottie trained though!

    :love: :shrugs: :love:
  4. I agree that would be a great collection I love Perle Vernis even though I don't have anything vernis yet.
  5. I guess you'd have to throw in an azure mini pochette or cles just to set it off, right L_Rod???
  6. Congrats on having Louis trained! My two pugs were a handful to convince that they were supposed to "go" outside.

    But a perle collection would be fantastic. I'm concentrating on a vernis collection myself - with occasional dashes to mono or damier.
  7. michelle already started on her bronze vernis collection:graucho:
  8. Lulu (elle) has an awesome Framboise Vernis collection.
  9. Michelle, I'm very upset about your miroir pochette, I ADORE that pochette, and hope that you can still continue to use it....

    The framboise and perle mix is too fabulous, hard to really stick to the agenda... cool to collect framboise for Lulu (how cool a name is that???):heart:

    And, of course, Bronze for Michelle, I also saw someone who spent time collecting just the peppermint, that was also fabulous...

    Michelle's bronze is TDF and perhaps which is what got me thinking subconsciously about doing it with Perle... they still have a Perle Biscayne Bay on elux.... too bad, I got the grafitti alma (not really)... heehee:sweatdrop:
  10. I'd be sooo scared of all perle vernis.. but that'd be sooo pretty !
  11. Dashes, ARE good, I guess ya can't be too "monoculture"...:confused1:
  12. That sounds HOT!!
  13. Yes, that would be very nice to have a collection of perle vernis. I love the mandarin color, and how I wish that I could have collected more of that color before it was discontinued.
  14. Vee-- a sea of perle vernis would be lovely, but i prefer all the different colors you own and mixing it up a bit depending on the day, your mood whatever!
    glad louis is becoming more social and learning the routine too!!
  15. Yes! His auntie must keep up on his progress!