Wouldn't it be cool if...

  1. they made interchangeable handles on some of the bags... so you could wear them in the hand or switch out to a longer handle for the shoulder?
  2. that is really cool!
  3. we spent at least half of this money feeding a hungry child and getting real lives
  4. hmmm, you're a business owner?

    Good luck w/ that attitude! Keep posting rude remarks and you'll need to find a new home;)
  5. Woo, I love your spiciness! Keep up the good work!:yes: Good thing everyone doesn't frequent the MJ board!
  6. Lmao^ Go Swankster!
  7. LOL! That very charming member posted that in 3 different Forums. . . I wasn't being too harsh was I?:supacool:

  8. We need a cheerleader smiley! :roflmfao:
  9. :choochoo: :choochoo: :choochoo: :choochoo: wanna ride the train?

  10. Definitely not. This is a purse forum. Not Feed the Children. I'm all about charity, but I'm in the MJ forum to talk about a Blake bag.
  11. :true: tru 'dat!

  12. Once they step into the MJ forum and make comments like that, the gloves come off. No one messes with Marc. :girlsigh:

  13. I dont like that.

    I respect your thoughts, each to their own, but you cannot tell us whether or not our lives are "real" or if we need to aquire reality.
    I also think that you are a hypocrite. You own bags, or so you say. Please give me a break.

    I'm sorry for putting this here and not a PM. I was worried the PM might not be read. I have had enough of people teling me this as well, telling me to give to charity. Dont preach. Do.

    and Baghound: that would be coolest idea ever! I lurrvee it ! Maybe you should get it patented!:yes: