Wouldn't it be cool if they...

  1. Wouldn't it be cool if LV made handles on the speedy like the ones on the LH...then it could be a shoulder or hand helded bag...wonder why they do not do that...it would be gorgeous in a 35....
  2. Most people love the speedy just the way it is....so they probably figure 'if it isn't broke...'
  3. Eeeww.... I think it would look weird, IMO. :yucky:
  4. I think if they altered the iconic Speedy then I would definitely lose respect for the company. :yes:
  5. In a speedy 35 it would be gorgeous...John you need to really visualize it...I called and they are not willing to modify an iconic piece...:blah: ....you must be able to visualize and imagine...it would be stunning IMO....
  6. I think it will look weird, I guess we used to see it with short handles. I would rather LV makes the bag in Jasmin shape with LH handles..(just like the fake vernis we saw at eBay)
  7. Nahhh... it would still look weird. :P
  8. personally, i don't like the idea. i've always liked the speedy as it already is.
  9. Are you talking MC keepall 45 handles? than it would look WEIRD because the bag is too small...
  10. I think you really need to stop posting so many new threads at once... they're getting quite annoying.
  11. ^ Rude and uncalled for (post as many threads as you want...I enjoy them!!)

    I have to agree though with everyone else. I think the Speedy would look ridiculous with handles like that. It's just perfect the way it is in my opinion!!
  12. Thank you Kimmy I value your support and honesty...
  13. What is the LH?
  14. wow..wow...newbie..or [​IMG]...

    Come on...don't need to be that rude
  15. ohhhh...1 post are we hiding...I could care less what you think...I think you are ignorant and should hide behind your one post name...the forum is for freedom of expression regarding LV and if you find me annoying go back into hibernation honey...you are sooo ignorant and lack class therefore I should not even bother with such an idiot and waste my time...ohh I said idiot...ooopppsss:rochard: :blah: :blah: :blah: :P to you my one post friend!!!!LOL
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