wouldnt it be cool if they made

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  1. a vernis speedy? I would love it in red. I think that would be hot :nuts:
  2. OMG. YES!! i would buy one or two :drool:
    That would be sooo cute.
  3. i know! it would be sooo pretty. It would be sure to catch someones eye
  4. They did didnt they, but its was for VIPs in Japan or something? OMG they would be a sell out if they made them for 1 season! mm Pomme speedy! xx
  5. something like an apple green or indiego blue would look delicious!!!
  6. Ooohhh that would be pretty! I am still wishing they would make a speedy 27!
  7. A bag with mixed hardware metals...silver and gold!
  8. I would love it in Pink.
  9. oh man, now i really wish they would make a vernis speedy. I would sooooo buy it in pink. It would be like a barbie purse lol.
  10. My thoughts exactly! I say give them time.
  11. Isn't it funny how the older we get, the more we love pink? At least for me. 10 years ago I was all about black - I never would have carried a pink purse or worn a pink shirt. Now I LOVE it! I look at all my 4 year olds stuff and want it!
  12. I think has been discussed a number of times before but I agree a vernis speedy would be hot
  13. can it be SO made in Vernis leather ?
  14. Yes, VIPs in Japan ! :yes:
  15. ^ i saw one before- a speedy in noisette. didn't know then that they made some for VIP's in Japan.
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