Would ypu get this pearl necklace at $695 plus tax?

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Would you pay $695 plus tax for this pearl necklace?

  1. YES!!! It's beautiful and classic I think it's worth it!

  2. NO, it's just too much for fake pearls! I rather save that money for another chanel purse.

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  1. Gals, I was at chanel today and finally saw this necklace in person. I tried it on, think it's nice but too bad it didn't match my outfit today......I didn't buy it though coz I thought the price is kinda steep for fake pearls and I am not sure how often I would wear it since I thought it might look a bit too sophisticated and mature for me (I am 27 (already!) but have a baby face)......I guess if I could wear it more often I might feel the urge to hand my credit card to my SA.....

    Do you think I should buy it at $695 plus tax??

    Pictures are from other PFers.

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  2. I fell in love when I saw blkladylaw's. Absolutely love that necklace and want it for my birthday. I always factor cost then divide it by how often I will most likely wear it(Harper's Bazaar acticle). That is how I determine if it will be worth it, regardless if it is faux or not. IMO, for that piece you can wear it with a LBD or tee and jeans;) The sky is the limit:love:
  3. It's gorgeous, and I love it. However, I think the money would be better spent on a bag. But, that's just me, I'm addicted to bags. :shame:
  4. NO, it's just too much for fake pearls! I rather save that money for another chanel purse .. IMHO
  5. I Love This Necklace....It's A Beauty!!!
  6. They are lovely, I could easily be influenced to buy them.
  7. I'm not a big fan of pearls to start w/. And if they're fake...that's a lot of $$. And lastly, I am not crazy about the CC on them. Just a bit much for me. BUT if you love it and you like/love pearls... then yes.

    Just for me - no.
  8. The necklace is FABULOUS! I The CC's give the necklace an edgy look. IMO.
    I also agree with the HB quote posted by DeeDeeL.
    There is just something grand about CHANEL accessories that always make an outfit look fiercely put together.
  9. I am a big pearl lover and have spent a ton of money on them. With that being said, I don't think I would spend that much if the pearls are not even real. Is the gold on the necklace 14K or 18K?

    They're very lovely but on the high side for costume jewelry, IMO.
  10. WHAAATT?? The pearls on the Chanel necklace aren't real??! I thought they were- hence the expensiveness of it! The hell I'll pay ORDERS MORE for something that cost 2$ to make (freakin plastic!) $695 (a good pair of Louboutins!!). If the pearls are real, and I love pearls, probably not either (I also thought it had small diamonds-that's why it's so expensive)

    Ladies, this is another instance of how the fashion world mocks at us for generating revenue for them by buying something like that at a ridiculous price for the sake of brand naming and vanity. (Another instance is the LV Miroir line - :throwup: )
  11. A string of genuine pearls would be in the tens of thousands. In fact cultured pearls would be thousands of dollars as well. I think the Chanel faux pearls are beautiful. I had the same strand but just returned them because decided there were so many other things I would rather have. But accessories make an outfit (handbag, shoes, jewelry), so if you think you will get enough wear out of them then I say go for it.
  12. Absolutely NOT! Not when I can buy a 17 inch strand of REAL 10-12mm freshwater pearls like these that Megan at Casto Creations made just for ME at practically half the price of that fake strand.

    You are just paying for the name "Chanel" you aren't paying for anything else. I'd rather have the real thing anyday!!! Just look at these beauties!! Now THESE are pearls, even if they didn't come from Chanel. :yes:

  13. Wait for a 1/2 price sale unless it's something so special and very limited.
  14. I think it is lovely! I say get it! I think it will go with a lot more outfits than you might think. Most people think of pearls as extremely dressy. They don't have to be. That price is a little high but not totally outrageous because real pearls are very, very expensive.
  15. Clarify my own words, only you can define the definition of special and how much your heart wants it.