Would yoy still get Birkins if they were alwyas available in every colour and size???

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  1. Would we be sooooooooo into Birkins and kellys if they were always available in every colour and size ????? I think i would.... i love the shape and style of both..... they look so classy and are soooo practical..... wat would u do????
  2. My problem would be that hte level of craftsmanship and quality would have to be impeded by such mass production. If I could pick any color and style and the quality would still be the same, then I would love that. But just don't think it would ever be possible. :crybaby:
  3. ^ well said!
  4. True. I would, but perhaps not at such a premium.
  5. As long as they are not mass-produced, or machine made...I have no problem. I would want the quality to be as good. :yes:
  6. I definitely would be as interested in them. The only difference is I would be able to get what I want a lot easier! My next bag will probably be a 35cm Kelly in fuschia. I haven't made up my mind yet about the leather. I'm pretty open about it though.
  7. If quality is not compromised, I'll still buy them.

    In fact, if they're readily available, then I'll be buying even more than what I'm buying right now. Believe me, if I can get my bag and if I'm happy, then they will witness the extent of my buying power

    Uh, something like that:yes:
  8. Well said all.... so i guess we're not only buying birkins n kellys cause they're "rare" it's cause of quality and craftsmanship.....