would your return it?

  1. I have a Kooba Paige that I got at Bloomingdales. I've used it almost daily for about 3 months. I know many of you ladies don't use a bag this frequently but to me even with daily use a bag that costs $600 and is a casual bag should hold up for a lot more than a few months. I just noticed that the stitching on one of the handles is coming apart. From my limited experience with Bloomingdale's, I would expect they should take the bag back just as Nordstrom's would. I like the bag but I'm considering going to them with the receipt and asking for a refund (or store credit). Although the bag is not falling apart yet, I have not been hard on it and don't think this should happen after 3-4 months. Would you take it back? Does anyone have experience with taking bags back to Bloomingales? Thank you.:confused1:
  2. I would contact Kooba first and see if they will do anything about it (like restictch it). If not, I would take it to Bloomingdales and see what they will do. I returned a neclace there that tarnished after 3 months without a problem.
  3. I've heard that Kooba's customer service isn't really great with handling repairs if you didn't buy it directly from them. I would take it back to Bloomingdale's for sure.
  4. I would take it back to Bloomie's... Part of the reason I spend so much on bags is for the quality - I expect them to hold up!
  5. Take it to Bloomie's....I'm sure they'll make it right by either a repair or a return.
  6. Take it back to Bloomies!
  7. Google returning a bag to Bloomies, I've read a horror story about it somewhere.
  8. moving to Kooba Forum. . . .
  9. ^^ thanks, Swanky! Yep back to Bloomies it goes....
  10. Definitely take it back to Bloomies.
  11. take it back, not sure they will give you a refund. most likely store credit.
  12. Call them and see what they say.
  13. I would return it. It will probably get worse. If they wont give you a refund then a store credit is better than a bag in your closet not being used after you cant use it any more. So sorry that happened they should last longer than that.
  14. take it to bloomingdales...kooba's service SUCKS...i would be willing to bet your only hope will be a store credit. good luck!
  15. i'd definitely bring it back to bloomingdales...i bought a sienna there a couple of years ago and used it and one of the grommets fell out...i brought it back and they said they'd either credit my charge or i could pick another bag...i got a different style kooba...bloomies is great at customer service and i've heard over and over again that kooba doesn't have great c.s.