Would your rather buy a smartwatch or a luxury watch ?

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  1. I’ve been leaning towards a smartwatch but was wondering everyone’s opinions ? And does anyone know any midrange luxury smartwatches ? I am love Apple but not rlly in love with the look of there smartwatch nor do I find the functions that special or advanced quite honestly !
  2. I have a Rolex, which I love.

    I also have a Fitbit (second one) and that's what I rely on for tracking my steps/stairs, and heart rate, it's enough for me. Also I have an app on my iphone that tracks steps, distance and maybe more (I just use the distance part pretty much).

    I have never been attracted to the Apple smart watch; my nephew got one soon after the first one came out and I was interested but then I saw how small screen was (how can I read a text that small) and that (at that time) an iphone had to be close by to use some of the features so I said "not for me." But I do see them on people's wrists a LOT, obviously way more than I see a Rolex on a wrist, so they are popular..But as with the iphones, it seems a new version comes along with more bells & whistles every year or so.

    There is probably a lot of info on the smartwatch thread here on TPF.
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  3. My cellphone is already enough radiation for me. I’d rather have a mechanical watch or a solar powered quartz for sports than a smart watch any day of the week.
  4. I barely wear my lux watch these days so I am not even remotely interested in a smartwatch... I can do all of it through my phone.
  5. I know my brother pointed that out too it’s just for me I love wearing a watch I am very used to it so bring without one isn’t really a choice for me that’s why I am wondering which one.
  6. I would rather have a luxury watch, than a smart watch.

    My husband wears his Apple Watch all the time and loves it. I just don't get it.

    I don't have any high end watches, just Movado, Citizen and a fun Minnie Mouse watch I got at Walmart I think, but I do like watches. I have five watches and would be happy to add more watches to my collection, but not a smart watch. Shrugs.

    Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy it!
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  7. I have both and have to admit I don’t get enough use of them. Apple Watch was my fav toy for a week and then I couldn’t be bothered to charge it every day, it’s a real shortcoming for this otherwise cool gadget. My lux watches don’t get much attention either, probably because they’re everyday ‘dress’. Now, I think perhaps if I had a more sporty lux watch (waterproof, date, automatic etc) I would wear it all the time. If you’re going for an everyday watch get something lux but practical.
  8. I'd rather have earrings. :biggrin:

    That said, DH wears two smart watches at once, so maybe I'm missing something.
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  9. My husband and I both have luxury watches. My husband has several yet he only wears his Apple Watch. I wear my Rolex infrequently and sold my Apple Watch. I tried the Apple Watch but I just wasn’t a fan. I still deferred to my phone for time, texts, weather, etc.... plus I am a bracelet girl and my bracelets didn’t mesh with my Apple Watch.
    BUT if I had to choose between the two, I’d choose luxury watch OR put that money towards a bag or other jewelry.
  10. I don’t prefer one to the other based on looks etc. but currently, I seem to wear my Apple Watch more than l do my luxury watches.
  11. This is a hard one! I get it I have the problem too!

    I have 4 'nice' watches which I got for various Christmas's and birthdays over the years. I have a fit bit versa now haha. I wear my 4 fancy ones when I go out and I use the fit bit for every day to track my steps and my activity. I go to the gym, have personal training sessions and yoga where its really cool to track calories burned and whether I can have chocolate that evening or not haha.
    I miss my fancy watches. I still have them but I miss wearing them every day. I was very anti smart watch in the beginning but the tracking is super handy.
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  12. You know i am thinking and I haven’t checked but I am sure it exists if there are bracelets that track heart rate and steps/distance I walk in a day I wouldn’t really care for a smartwatch I don’t know why your post got that in my head but thanks ! Also do you mind checking my page I would love an opinion on wedding rings :smile:
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  14. I wear Apple watch for work, to the gym or when I go out and don't want to take my phone out of the bag each time I receive some text adverts/texts from the bank. You can also use it as a credit card which is sometimes more convenient than paying by phone. You can use it to monitor your physical activity and heartbeat.
    I had some radiation concerns, but then I learned it's safer than having a 3G/LTE block in the phone.
    In my opinion it is absolutely different from a luxury watch. It has much more casual look. And in general most ordinary watches, in my opinion, look better.
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  15. Hello all:smile: I wore my Apple Watch almost every day last summer till I noticed it made almost a burn looking mark on my wrist under the watch. It has since faded substantially but the mark is still there. I no longer wear my Apple Watch daily. I will wear it when hiking/running/etc but i take it off as soon as I finish & read the results. Pic below is the mark on my wrist today - it was a lot darker... and definitely was not there prior to wearing the Apple Watch daily. So... I would say for daily wear a non-smart Watch is the safer bet.