Would you...?

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  1. Today I saw the movie Back to the Future and it kind of talked about how going back in time could change the present/future. So, if time travel were possible, would you do it? I think I'd be too afriad to change stuff, even if it were for the good. :sad2:
  2. i probably would. i guess it's just my personality though. i regret so many things just because i'm a perfectionist and hate making mistakes or doing something embarassing. if i do, i can't forget it! i would love to fix all that
  3. The one thing I do wonder, though, is say you fix all of your mistakes. You, your personality and maybe your appearence, would be different. So, if you timed traveled. Would the present/future you still be you as you were "orginally"? lol I guess you'd have to see the movie. SPOILERS

    He changed some stuff and his parents and his family became rich and happier. So, his parents weren't so strict. In the beginning, before the travel, they won't let him go on a date. After travel, he is allowed. So, in having this freedom all of his life, would he still be the same person? Morally? Would he think the same? Sorry to be so long winded. It just got me thinking. hehe
  4. things probably wouldn't be the same but i realize that. changing the past would be way to confusing to try to figure out because even doing something so miniscule as killing a bug could change everything.:wacko: that's why i said "probably" in my first post. i'm not sure i would actually do it because i would be so scared of messing things up. if i got the chance i would have to do some serious thinking! :idea:
  5. that's a hard question.

    I guess the "grown up" "honorable" thing to say is "No, I wouldn't want to change anything because I've learned from my mistakes"

    The "REAL" me says "Yes in a heartbeat! There are a few things I would change..........."
  6. ^^^LOL, that's cute. I like your answer. I really wanted people to answer honestly. Honestly, I would not go back. I'm be too much of a fraidy kitty. hehe I'm too paranoid as it is.

    I also agree a lot with, Mariah. She's a very smart cookie.
  7. why, thank you! :smile:

    p.s. funny you should use that saying...i'm eating a cookie right now! mmmm do-si-dos and girl scout cookies in general. :biggrin:
  8. ^^^You're welcome. I just like saying those weird sayings. hehe You're making me want a cookie. LOL
  9. I would LOVE to got back but probably be too afraid to change things that make me happy NOW, like my husband and my son.
  10. Well, if did go back, where would you go? Any place or time in specific? Or just hop around in time? *Being nosey*
  11. I would...just hope I wouldn't mess up the world TOO much.
  12. ^^What time would you go to?
  13. I'd probably change a few things :biggrin: I would hope that the changes would only cause a POSITIVE outcome though.
  14. I'll go back to the past to buy alot of LVs for cheap. :lol: But then they might cost the same if you calculate in the inflation rate...
  15. i think part of me would change stuff that happened in the past esp will a few of my regrets.... i do think you should live life without regrets etc... :smile: