would you?

  1. tokidoki necklaces/ keychains
    the keychains are less expensive, and i don't lik the length of the chain of the necklace, would you take off the charm and put it on a chain tht u would lik?
    i'm thnkin about it
    is the necklace sterling silver?
    is the link of the keychain able to bend and put on a different necklace?
    wht r the chains and the charm made out of?
    would you do that?
    how small is the hole of the charm?
    how delicate is the real necklace and the Key chain?
    I WANNA know caus if i'm gonna buy the key chain i should no this info, if not 'll just buy the necklace
    oh and one more thing how often does tobi.com restock becaus they're the only sight tht shipps tokidoki 4 free.
    does ny1 no any more stores tht carry tokidoki and shipps 4 free?
  2. Hmmm...I know that the necklaces run large (the pendants and chains), so I'm thinking that the key chains run even larger! I've heard of a few people buying one of the charm bracelets and then removing all of the charms and making individual necklaces. It all depends on how you like to wear you jewelry...have fun with it! :tup:
  3. Not sure which keychains you were considering, but I bought the Fantasmino. It's really really heavy and quite large. Here are pictures of it with a Denaro for size reference. The links should bend easily enough with pliers and a helpful strong friend. The hole is about 3mm, (just less than 1/8 inch). The charm is also very thick, over 4mm (3/16 ") It would have to be a pretty thick chain necklace to hold up this charm. I would not use the word delicate to describe this keychain at all! Hope this helps!

  4. i wanted 2 buy the fantasimo:weird::amazed::shocked: