Would you??

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  1. Hey Ladies,
    I have a problem...
    For the longest time I've been dreaming about owning a Chanel purse
    A year ago I was drooling over the Messengerbag(black with white cc's) and since a few months, the Rock and hain stole my heart. I love them both!!
    I thought that the R&C would be the first one I'd buy and later I would go for the messenger..but....
    My BF doesn't like the R&C at all...:wtf: He say's it's an 'ugly' bag.
    Normally I don't care what people think, but it mathers to me what my BF thinks. He loves all my bags. He isn't pleased when I say i'm going shopping for a bag, but than he comes allong with me and then he will say oh that's a real nice bag, your right!
    So this is really the first time that he's like this. He told me to go for it, if I like it...but actually I'm confused right now. I like the bag, but now I don't know if I should go for it...would you??
  2. Yes, I'd go for it. Handbags are so individual. I always ask for my husband's opinions and generally listen to him because he has good taste. But, not about bags.
  3. I'd say go with what your heart says.. If your heart says you love the R&C more than the other one.. Why not?!
  4. if you REALLY, really, really love it you should get it, regardless of what your boyfriend thinks :smile: after all, you'll be the one using it, not him!
  5. I know what you mean farah....the logical answer will be YES go for it..but in reality I know I wont enjoy my bag as much knowing that my bf thinks its ugly so I prob woulld try and find the messenger...but for the sake of female empowerment I say get the R&C (i'm just a wuss)
  6. I would get the bag - he will either grow to like it or not. But I am certain there are things he might do or wear you probably aren't always crazy about.....if you love it, get it!!!
  7. It's your choice. pick out what you like.
  8. If it were up to my DH, I would only own Marc Jacobs, and the bigger the hardware, the better. That's his tastes, so I don't ask him what he thinks of my Chanels anymore. LOL. I just buy what I like. Besides, he thinks all my black Chanels look the same. Men!
  9. Actually, I buy his clothes. It's important to him that I like his clothes, so when we go shopping I pick the clothes and he'll try them on.;)

    I haven't seen the R&C IRL yet, so I hope than when he sees it, he'll like it.
    But he's spoiling my chanel mood!! :cursing: And i think that's the thing that upset's me....and I won't enjoy it as much knowing that he doesn't love my Chanelbaby!!:s
    Well I have to appreciate his honesty I suppose....

    Thnx ladies. I'll let you know when the time is there!:nuts:
  10. If its what you really want, then def get it before you regret it!