Would you worry about carrying a LV at night

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  1. I work shift work in a hospital and never really thought about it until now, but just wondering if I should not carry a LV bag if I have to walk to a parkade (?sp) late at night and sometimes alone. Do you think I would get mugged more likely with an LV, or it would matter what I carry... if it's going to happen it will happen no matter what I carry. Generally, the area is pretty safe, but crime can happen everywhere.
  2. I use my Speedy 40 at gym and I finish working out at 10 pm. I've never feared using my Speedy late at night.
  3. In my opinion, bad things happen randomly. Just because you're wearing an LV bag doesn't make you any more of a target than anyone else. But of course, you should always be cautious when walking by yourself at night regardless of what bag your carrying.
  4. this is quite true. i should think that low crime doesn't mean no crime. i don't have a problem carrying my LV at night but i try to play it safe most of the time by having someone fetch me or something along those lines if it's really in the crazy hour of the night. anything could happen..
  5. i wouldn't use an LV in the streets at night. A criminal with an intent to strike again would definitely be on the look out for one with money. When you are carrying an LV, it is easy for the criminal to presume you are carrying money also. I wouldn't court danger. After all, NOT carrying an LV at night wouldn't kill me.
  6. I really wonder if it would matter. There are so many fake LV's, that I am not sure someone would guess correctly when you are walking out of the hospital. I would carry it - but I would try to either walk in a pack, have some one walk with me, or talk to someone else on the phone while I walked out. I normally call someone and talk while i am taking my garbage can out at night! I am a little paranoid!
  7. if it's going to happen it will happen no matter what u carry.

    I use to feel the same way since I work at a casino and usually get off at 3-4am. Usually I ask one of the security guards to walk me to my car. If the hospital you work at has security officers, why not as them to escort you to your car?
  8. I use mine 24/7
  9. I agree with juxtapose - if you get mugged, it would happen with any bag! And she made a great suggestion!
  10. Most or all muggers are not looking at the purse to see if it is designer. They are looking for opportunity and a victim. Walk straight, pray, move a little swift and carry mase if you feel it will help.
  11. I do think that robbers are more likely to look for people who have specific high-end items to attack, however like some people have said, since LV is faked so much they're probably less likely to just take the fact that you have an LV as proof that you're carrying a real one and/or have lots of money on you. I think they'd me more likely to come after you if they saw you had a high-end cellphone or something electronic that isn't faked. So I say if you want to carry it then carry it, but I'm always wary about walking around by myself at night.
  12. I carry mine all the time but if you are afraid you can always keep a collapsible tote inside your LV and put your LV inside the tote when you leave work.

    Just walk fast and have your keys already in your hand when you leave the building. No digging through your bag searching for keys outside your car door. Keyless entry is a great option too. And always scope out the surroundings when you're leaving the building.
  13. I dont think you have anything to worry about. With so many fakes going around, the would-be robbers probably know that an "LV" bag may not even be real. And I doubt they choose based on the bag that you carry...otherwise, they may as well wait outside an LV boutique. :P
  14. I use LV's regardless of where I go. I won't use the more attention seeking or expensive looking bags everywhere.

    If I am somewhere where I am worried.. I will usually use a Speedy, or a Neverfull because 9 times out of 10 people assume they are fake.
  15. I honestly never thought about that. I worked hard to get my beloved bags so I'll use them as much as possible!