Would you work as an SA at LV to feed your bag obsession?

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  1. My regular SA and I got to talking a few weeks ago, and somehow we got to talking about discounts and she volunteered the information that she does get an employee discount (I didn't ask, but she volunteered it --- but we are pretty close, been my SA for 5 years).
    Here's what she told me:
    - 20% off any item except limited editions - employees can't buy limited editions
    - if it is a "new item" she can be put on a list, but has to wait the whole 6 months after release of that item before purchasing
    - she is limited to 1 item of each kind a year, meaning she can't buy 10 Neverfuls.
    - she gets a "uniform" of items she may wear in the store, but she must keep at the store, and cannot take home - such as scarves, bandeaus, crossbodies, pochettes, etc that you see SAs wear
    - before they leave after their shift, they must take all LV items off, so they should never wear their own LV items to work to avoid confusion --- they must stop by the security guard or the manager to show him/her their bag to show they did not take any items out with them.

    Despite all these rules, I think it would be super cool to work at LV and get that 20% off! I assume these rules are to avoid Ebay selling items and making a profit

    This is what my SA told me so I'm not sure if it is entirely true, but she seemed honest and really open and told me as much as she could.

    Would you work at LV for these perks?
  2. Did she say how much she gets paid?
  3. Nope she didn't. She just was talking about the discount and the employee benefits. We were talking about health insurance, and she was telling me that LV really takes care of their benefits with medical/dental, that's when she brought up the discount too as a "benefit" and reason why she isn't going to leave her job any time soon.

    She has told me they don't work on "commission" they work on "number of units sold, and they get a "bonus" for number of units sold". Not sure what that means, maybe another TPFer knows what that means. So not sure if that means if she sells 10 Neverfuls, but only 2-3 SCs, does she get more credit selling the Neverful or the SCs?

    I think there are a ton of TPFers on here that know far more than some of those SAs we see at LV and would be perfect SAs if one wanted to look into a part-time job :smile: My cousin used to work part time at Coach just to feed her Coach obsession.
  4. My husband and I were just talking about this.. He said if I worked there I would just have to sign over my paycheck to them every week :lol:
    I think it would be fun. But after reading how some treat SA's here I don't think I would last long without tell off a customer.. :bagslap:
  5. I was thinking about it too! But I, too, was incredibly discouraged when I read a lot of threads about their "bad experiences" with SA's that are mainly started by their rude or inappropriate behavoir.
  6. While the discount would be great, as would handling all those beautiful LV items all day, I can only imagine how many not-so-nice customers they run across. I'd probably be fired after my first encounter with one of them because I have a very low tolerance for BS, haha!! On the flip side, I've witnessed incredibly rude SA's too and wouldn't want to work with them either!
  7. I don't think I would though it is tempting
    simply becuse when i'm doing too much of something I get full up with it

    I think if I work at lv their sales here will drop and it would be not benefitial for them :smile:
  8. Thanks for the info, I've always wondered about their discounts!
  9. No. Retail sucks.
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    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
    Thanks for posting this info as I find it very interesting. It sounds like LV takes good care of their employees, which doesn't surprise me one bit as the nicer companies usually do.

    I think it's cool that they get a little wardrobe of items to wear, even if they can't take any of it home- makes perfect sense, and everyone wins.

    I also like that they are limited to how much they can purchase. I would think that would prevent reselling, which is totally understandable.

    I don't think I'd work at LV, though. For one, you have to have extensive experience in retail and I don't. For another, I think there is a lot of pressure, not only to be nice to rude, haughty customers, but also fraud and counterfeit prevention. I would think that'd get stressful. Also, I would find it annoying to only carry my LVs when I'm off work. I don't like to switch bags that often, and I would have to switch every few days.
  11. It might be fun to try it for a weekend but I can't stand retail, customers can be so annoying!
  12. I love love to work in Luxury retail...but I agree with others, I don't think I could keep with ridicoulous costumers...:-s

    I wish LV could give us discounts to us loyal consumers! :graucho:
  13. I think it would be fun!!!
  14. #14 Feb 2, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
    I don't think 20% discount is enough to keep me sane in the retail industry.
    May be minmal part time at the most.

    Thanks for sharing OP. I always wondered but never wanted to ask.
  15. I would not, but only because of ice cream....what does this have to do with LV? Well when I was in HS I worked in an ice cream shop and I ate ice cream every second I could. Lunch break? Vanilla.15 min break? Chocolate oh look its 5pm break? mint chip...You get the picture. Not only did my thighs suffer I began to get bored (gasp:faint:) of ice cream. I would hate to ruin the "flavor" of LV for me not to mention I obviously have no self control!