Would you wear this?

  1. If this has already been posted/talked about, sorry.

    Would you wear this?



    Sorry, Coach, not me... but I sure do hope someone out there will enjoy it! :yes:
  2. :confused1: probaly not It would make me look like a whale
  3. oh lord.......can you say 1971?
  4. Eek, looks like my Grandmothers wedding dress. She was married in 1935. I guess it's something to get people to talk though.
  5. good for pictures (i.e. for a photographer to have as a prop) haha.
  6. Thats Cute
  7. nooooop.
  8. It's umm... pretty interesting... but I definitely wouldn't wear it...
  9. just passing by and... NO. :smile:
  10. I hate to insult anything because someone out there usually will like whatever it is, but that reminds me of something Louise Jefferson would have worn back in the 70s.
  11. Not really my style, so ... no.
  12. ummm...no (the caftan that is..)
  13. :shrugs: maybe to a halloween party.
  14. :wtf: OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I totally LOVE that!!! I want one!! I want one!! These are super old, aren't they?? Are these new items or old ones????

    I :heart: that shirt!!!