would you wear this to a semi-forma NYE party?

  1. I think it's a bit short, but maybe it's just the way the model is posing/her height. Otherwise, very cute!

    Sorry, I may be just slow, but what's NYE?
  2. ^^ New Years Eve

    This would work I guess. Don't know if I like this material. I would prefer a tad more dressy for NYE. Dress it up with shoes and jewelery.
  3. i like it!!! i think it's perfect for a NYE party.
  4. i'm pretty petite (only 5"1.5") so i think it would be a bit longer for me ...

    i bought the dress anyways just to see how it looks, i'll post and see what you gals/guys think. I can always return it right?
  5. It looks kinda casual to me. I'd go for a better color for NYE too, but thats just me.
  6. it seems a bit short for a semi-formal party, IMO...
  7. It's really short for me..but if it isn't that short on you then it's fine. I think it's a little too casual too.
  8. I wouldn't consider that dress semi-formal. If it was a solid color you could dress it up with metallic accessories, but the two-tone black and blue makes it more casual IMO...
  9. I wouldn't consider the style, color or fabric to be semi-formal apparel. It is a very cute dress, just not for a semi-formal occasion.
  10. I think the dress is too casual for a semi-formal NYE.