Would you wear this on a flight

  1. I'm going on a three hour flight to California this Thursday to meet my husband whom I haven't seen for a month. I usually like to to travel in Juiciy, but my husband loves to see me in skirts and dresses and I hardley ever wear them. I thought I would do something different and wear this.

    I always trust you guys opinion, tell me what you think.
    mini 001.jpg mini 002.jpg
  2. well, i wouldn't. But maybe i am a more modest person. From all of the clothing posts you've made, you are a bit of a risk taker, so, i don't know. Nothing wrong with changing once you get there....the skirt is rather short and you'll be sitting in a nasty dirty plane seat...hahah dont wanna get crabs. lol jk

    cute top and belt though!
  3. i wouldnt either. I usually get cold on flights an i like to get really comfy if i have to sit for a while. What you can do tho is wear juicy an then 20 mins before the plane lands change into the skirt:biggrin:
  4. Didn't think about the crabs part:yucky: . I love fashion so I'm always taking risk, that's why I always post here to get you guys opinion. Thanks.
  5. Crabs!! LOL
    I agree with the other ladies, be comfy on the plane, and change it up before you land.
  6. You'll freeze!
  7. Ya, dress comfy on the plane and then run to the bathroom to change before you land or change before you get out of the terminal.
  8. Yea you're all right, I'm a very cold person so I know I will freeze. I'll just wear my juicys and then change on the terminal.
  9. Good choice! Have fun with your hubby!!! How exciting that you're going to see him again!!
  10. Good idea :yes:
  11. That's fab outfit naturale! You look great!
  12. I think you look great! But, I do agree with the freezing part. maybe you could wear the top, take a cardigan or something in case you get cold, and then something a little longer on the bottom? Jeans with that top and those shoes...so cute!
  13. Definitely, change into the skirt after landing, I think your hubby will appreciate seeing your great figure in that sexy outfit, especially after not seeing you for so long! ;) Have fun in Cali you two!
  14. Never!

    Flights are cold and dirty anyways. haha
  15. The outfit is cute but inappropriate for a plane ride. Take it with you in your carry on and change into it, if you wish.
    You'll want to be comfortable and warm. Your top might get dirty too, as planes aren't the best places for cleanliness.