Would you wear this in the daytime...

  1. I could not wear it at my job. That said, I think it would work for other jobs with a less conservative environment. Also, I think it would be fine to wear around NYC and probably many other cities... I think it all depends on where you are and what environment you will be in.
  2. i personally think it's too dressy for daytime
  3. I think it's too dressy for daytime, it is really gorgeous though!
  4. Are you planning to wear to work? I agree w/agnes01 if for work and you are in a type of creative occupation where you can dress this way then I say go for it. The necklace and bangles that the model has on are very fun. It makes whole look read daytime to me. Of course it can be dressed up.
  5. Guess I'm alone when I think that dress could definitely be worn during the day. Maybe not to work, but definitely for a mall trip, lunch, etc etc. It all depends on what you wear it with. If you paired it with flats, it would make it much more casual than say stilettos. :yes:
  6. You could wear it to a party.
  7. really cute and terrific price, but tooo dressy in my opinion for the day time unless you are going some place fancy.

  8. I agree, but I wouldn't wear it to work.
  9. That is a beautiful dress! I would wear to a nice lunch or a party (day or evening).
  10. I think you could wear it for a daytime party, a luncheon, brunch, etc.
  11. That was my thought exactly, to wear it to the mall or running errands. I would definitely wear flats .
  12. I think I can wear it in some occasion or formal out...
  13. I think you could wear it during the day... probably not to work or anything, but if you're meeting a friend for lunch it would definitely work! It's brocade - not silver glitter... so it doesn't scream clubby or anything. If you want to dress it down... try to wear it kind of like a pinafore, with black or grey tights, even maybe a black turtleneck underneath.
  14. I wouldn't wear it in the daytime unless it was to Sunday brunch or something and the setting called for dressy attire.