Would You Wear This Hooded Leather Jacket ?

  1. [​IMG]

    Rachel Bilson, Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz put a casual spin on the classic motorcycle jacket in these laid-back leather hoodies.
  2. Yes, I would - but, I probably wouldn't want to see the pricetag for that jacket.

    Overall - I like leather jackets and I like hoodies - so it is a little like chocolate and peanut butter, yes? ;)
  3. I would and I do, I have one from Mike and Chris from a while back and find it adds a twist to my outfit.
  4. sure, why not? It's cute. =)
  5. Sure woullddd
  6. yeah! I love it! I probablly wouldn't like the price though.
    whos it by? and the price?
  7. Yes! Yes! and Yes! They are lovely!!!
  8. Yes! Yes! and Yes! They are lovely!!!
  9. I'd love to! It feels so casual to me and so versatile (as shown).
  10. Yes I would and I do :smile:. Old Navy actually came out with a hooded leather jacket and they sold out like hotcakes.
  11. definitely!
  12. i would, it looks so much cuter than 'hooded leather jacket' sounds! but i know they're somewhere in the neighborhood of $800-$900, so i won't, lol.
  13. Yep! Really cute!
  14. I would it is sooo cute. I would love to have one.
  15. yeah it is cute