Would you wear this dress to a Christmas party?

  1. Would you wear this dress to a Christmas lunch at a restaurant? I think it hits a little lower than the picture does so it's almost knee-length. When I talked to a coworker, she said last year's Christmas lunch was pretty casual. What do you guys think?

  2. This doesn't seem very 'winter' to me. It depends on where you live, I guess...
  3. Seems really short and not something you would wear to a holiday party in the winter.
  4. i think it depends on where you work. i live in the bay area and a lot of the tech companies around here have a really casual atmosphere. since you said it hits your knee, i think the length should be ok. and since it's for lunch, i think it could work. also, since it's been sunny around here, it would be weather suitable.
  5. I love it! Lunch is always more casual than any dinner setting. Go for it!
  6. pair it with some tights, cute!
  7. I really like it. would look great with black opaque tights :smile:
  8. i like it! i would only consider the warming factor.
    other than that, its a pretty dress
  9. It looks like a cute summer dress mainly b/c of the bright colors and the thin material. Then again depending on geography, you can get away with things others can't.
  10. I think it looks summery and not Christmasy. Cute dress, though.
  11. I would add black tights and I think it would look great. I live in a warm climate so this looks wintery to me.
  12. I agree with the black opaque tights.
  13. Not digging the color pattern..cute style though.
  14. yes, i would wear this dress, it's cute!
  15. Like the style, not the pattern. But if you do get that, I would add black tights under it.