Would you wear this deco diamond bracelet daily?

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  1. Hello all! I just acquired this vintage deco diamond bracelet. Am thinking of wearing it 24/7 and was wondering
    what everyone thinks of that idea. It is pretty comfortable so I think it is possible. My concern(s) is that it might be
    too flashy and/or the chances of damaging the bracelet will be increased due to the constant wear.

    I am not too concerned about losing it as it has an unbelievable catch.

    Thank you!

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  2. if is comfortable i will wear it everyday. do you have a photo of your wrist wearing it ?
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  3. 6005B144-FC4B-45F0-B1CA-6E5B8061E53A.jpeg Not the best shot, but here it is ...
  4. I wouldn’t wear it while showering because it would probably get all gunky and dull over time from soap scum and lotions and other products building up on it. Also you might stretch or strain it while sleeping. And for me personally, I wouldn’t wear a fancy diamond bracelet in my normal every day life because I have a very casual style. But if it looks good on you, go for it!
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  5. Antique jewelry is often too delicate to be worn daily. I did not realize this and broke several pieces of antique jewelry by wearing it constantly. You should probably take it to your jeweler and have them inspect all of the prongs and metal to see how sturdy it is. I think if you wanted to wear it to work or out to dinner on a regular basis that would be fine but you should take it off when you do anything where it could be bumped.
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  6. Yes, I would wear it daily, after having it checked by a jeweler for loose prongs and potential problem with the clasp.
    It is gorgeous and looks very pretty on you.
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  7. YES. A beauty like this shouldn’t be sitting in a jewellery box! :tup:
  8. It's gorgeous! I love deco jewelry. A lot of deco jewelry with fine detailing was 18k white gold with a platinum top. If that's the case, you're probably good to go for daily wear, after making sure everything is in good condition to start with. You definitely want to clean it regularly if it is anywhere near soap or hand lotion, cooking or other ways to get dirty. Deco pieces just absorb dirt into all the nooks and crannies, and the gunk can actually misshape the jewelry, causing you to lose stones or make hinges not work properly. If it is an 18k top, daily wear is not ideal, especially on a bracelet. 18k earrings and necklaces/pendants are generally still safe, because you don't usually knock your head and neck around on things, but jewelry worn on hands and arms is at considerably higher risk of damage from even simple things like holding a hand rail or using a door knob. Gold is a soft metal, and 18k, while beautiful, is not a very durable alloy. With so many stones, and therefore so many prongs to worry about in a vulnerable location, I'd be very leary of daily wear.
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  9. I should have mentioned that if is platinum.
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  10. No, I wouldn't. It's way too special-occasion--it was always a fancy piece. And also a poor fit for a casual lifestyle (but maybe you're all heels and salon'd up daily). So for me a firm no, and there's question about how heavy duty wear it could take since it wasn't designed for gardening and banging around in the gym etc.
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  11. I would only wear this after-dark because that's what it was designed for.

    However, it's your bracelet so you should wear it whenever and however you like.
  12. Looks nice on your wrist.
    This particular deco design can go more casual, imo. As resembles wristwatch shape.

    I knew a woman who inherited a lovely pearl necklace.
    Her style was jeans=very casual.
    A simple, happy soul.
    Was so touched to have it, wore daily. With jeans. Doing everything.
    When she died, was buried wearing jeans. And that necklace.

    Basically, please enjoy the f*** out of your gift!
    We go around once in life.
    Do not waste time with others' rules & worries.
  13. Full platinum? Wear it! Platinum jewelry is not indestructible, but it might as well be for most of what most people do in a day.
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  14. Sorry, it looks too formal for everyday unless you work in very dressy clothes. I worked in the fashion industry and was dressed to the max everyday so a bracelet like that would have worked.
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  15. it is very pretty i will wear it everyday
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