Would you wear these to the office?

  1. Hi everybody -

    Im shopping for some new office shoes for fall/winter. I'm wondering are these too much for the office?

    Guess Cassy - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

    Would you wear them to the office or are they just "going out" shoes?

  2. WOW. those are gorgeous! =)
  3. I'd definitely wear those to the office - they are some power shoes! :smile:
  4. Of course I would wear those to the office, drop dead gorgeous !!!!
  5. i love the bow:heart:
    i think you definitely can wear them to the office!;)
  6. I wouldn't wear them to the office, but they are nice for going out.
  7. Depends on your job- but I don't see a reason why not wearing them in the office
    go for it
  8. Depends on the office. I wouldn't wear them to the office.
  9. I would wear the to the office, maybe tone them down with a pant suit though.
  10. i wouldn't wear them to where i work, but i think it depends on your office. they are cute though!
  11. Ditto. Really, to me anyway, once you get around 3 inch heels, that's too much for most offices. Heels of 2 1/2 inches max are more appropriate for most offices. How about these instead (Oscar de la Renta from Zappos):

  12. I love that idea Queen D - Do you have a similar pair that you wear with pant suits?
  13. yes, very nice.
  14. I love the shoe but I would not wear them to my office
  15. I love them! I work in commercial banking and I wear three to four inch heels to the almost office everyday. People actually comment on how strange it is when I wear a shorter heel.
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