Would you wear these Shoes? COULD you wear these shoes??

  1. LOL, let me know what you think of them.
    funny shoe.jpg
  2. Someone on here has a pair...I could NEVER walk in such a thing. Not my thing!
  3. I wouldn't want to. Fetish shoes aren't my thing.
  4. Sunshine - are you serious? someone actually owns this??
  5. I could probably walk in those, but I wouldn't. Not a fan of fetish shoes.
  6. YES!!! There is a thread with a pfer wearing these!!! What are fetish shoes??? (seriously??)
  7. I love fetish shoes, but I'm not a fan of that style.
  8. I think if I were a Premier Ballerina these shoes would be incredible! But since I'm not YUCK!!! :yucky:
  9. I love high heels...but these shoes are definitely not my thing...
  10. :roflmfao: .............OMG!
  11. not realistic. maybe if I were a ballerina and someone paid me. :p
  12. Hell to the NO

  13. ...ouch!!!
  14. I like them in black, hahah

    They're not meant to be walked on but more like being on your back with your feet raised if you know what i mean :graucho:

    For that type of thing i'd get them... not that its a fetish thing more like dress up :smile: hahahahhahaa
  15. Regular heels are hard enough to wear, but these! How does one even stand in them?