would you wear these chanels?

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  1. those are gorgeous. i would wear them in a hearbeat.
  2. thank you jc....

    with a simple black dress right. now my only problem is the dam clutch i would wear. i have nothing to go with this shoe. my bf said "hey use your ostrich bag" i wanted to smack him. first i don't feel right about mixing 2 exotics and 2 my silver ostrich bag is a tote style...how do i used that to a wedding. ugh! men!
  3. What are your clutch options? Those shoes are TDF. With them and a black dress you could do a black clutch, a silver or grey one, or even a pop of color like red.
  4. They're simple and gorgeous! They would look great with Black dress. You can either wear a black or silver clutch or as schaden said a pop of color, like red.
  5. really pretty!
  6. Wow, I hope your wore them. They are gorgeous.
  7. How beautiful! I love them!!
  8. I normally don't like exotics but that is one gorgeous pair of shoes!
  9. yes yes yes
  10. I hope you wore them, they are absolutely gorgeous shoes. Stunning.
  11. oh hell yeah!! those are hot.
  12. OMG!! They are amazing!
  13. Gorgeous shoes!
  14. I love those shoes!!