Would you wear these Balenciagas?

  1. I LOVE Balenciaga. But no way would I wear these. They look like some sort of Lego contraption.
    beyoncecshoes.jpg beyonce shoes 2.jpg
  2. lol it's a no for me! i think they are artistic but from a fashion viewpoint, it's a disaster? lol
  3. I watched that performance and didn't even notice the shoe.
  4. visually they are ugly. but they look super comfortable
  5. neither did I! but they're kinda hard to miss.
  6. Nope, don't like them!
  7. They kinda remind me of strap-in boots. :p

    Conceptually, I think they're great. But realistically, they're better left to the performers than to us common folk!
  8. I saw those in an NM catalogue. I believe they were $2k-$3k.
  9. they're $1700
  10. wth they lookk like ahh some kids toys glued together?
  11. Eeeeuuw! Not to my taste - they look ok from a distance though. :smile:
  12. I love them! I don't think she pulled them off though. These shoes should be the star of the ensemble and everything else should be background. I think that leather jacket with the primary color accents looks tacky and too "matchy matchy" with the shoes, especially with the jeans. They would have been better with a simple, but edgy, black dress, with maybe a black jacket, but not this one. No details preferably. That's just my opinion.
  13. Intresting....but I don't see how they could possibly be pratical? Not my style, just like the shoes i've seen with the pom pom's on the back of the heel. I guess I like my shoes to be more understated.
  14. Never! Definitely not for me.
  15. Those shoes are so hot! I heard on Concrete loop they were $4400 bucks!