Would you wear patent leather year-round?

  1. Or is it a only a fall/winter material for you? Thanks!
  2. I don't think it is only fall/winter. You can wear it all year. I think I'm older than a lot of posters here, but I remember at one time patent was pretty much worn in the Spring.
  3. Definitely with all the bright colors they have it in these days.
  4. I think it's a year round look, though the color might differ a bit from season to season.
  5. Most def! I would carry it all year!
  6. I love it year around. I did it last year and I'm seriously considering buying another patent bag for summer, too!
  7. yes i would.. i love red patent:smile:
  8. Yes, in moderation. I think a bag with patent details, in yellow, or royal blue, maybe pink, would look fab in the summer.
  9. Yes! It is definitely a year round thing.
  10. Definitely year round. There are so many color options, as we've noted the last few seasons, patent has arrived!!
  11. i just bought my first and i plan to wear it all year..its a dark color though
  12. One of the Coach SA's at Macy's told me that like the other poster, patent was originally for summer.
  13. Really! Wow, I always thought that patent would be a hot, sticky bag for summer, whereas it's perfect for winter (i.e. snow, rain wouldn't affect it). I'm glad to know that so many people view it as a year-round material.

    I just bought a patent Chloe Elvire and was wondering if it was a seasonal bag. I'm happy to know it doesn't have to be! Thanks all!:tup:
  14. I have a patent leather bag and i use it all year round! i think the shinyness really lightens it up!
  15. I would totally wear it year round! I love patent!